Activating SEPA Direct Debit

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Activating SEPA Direct Debit

In order to use manual SEPA direct debit entry, you must first activate SEPA mandate management in your FundraisingBox. For this purpose, please fill in the "SEPA Settings" found in Settings > My Customer Account. Here, you can directly apply for a Creditor ID at your central bank. You can also edit the texts of the mandates, should however heed legal guidelines while doing so. Once you have saved your SEPA data you can also view a preview of the SEPA mandates.

Afterwards, go to Settings > Extensions > Payment in your FundraisingBox. In the list of extensions you will find "Manual SEPA direct debit entry". Here, click "Set up a Link".

Mandate Signature

According to SEPA guidelines, a mandate is only valid once the debtor has signed. The date of signature is required for generating the XML. However, since there are unfortunately still no e-mandates, the FundraisingBox lets you choose how you want to handle signatures for online donations. If you forgo a physical signature , the automaticallygenerated mandates are activated immediately and the donation date is used as the date of signature. Otherwise, the mandates remain unverified and the donation can only be collected once the mandate is later activated and the date of signature is set manually.

Requested account information

In "Requested account information" you can choose account number and bank routing number as an alternative or in addition to the IBAN and BIC, so that donors can enter their usual data. However, since a SEPA mandate requires IBAN and BIC an automatic conversion must take place immediately. This is only possible with an activated IBAN calculator extension. In addition, entering an account number and Bank Routing Number is only possible from the declared home country. Donors from abroad must enter an IBAN and a BIC.

Additional settings

For this method of payment you can also declare a minimum and maximum amount.

Furthermore, you can choose in which format the SEPA XML file shall be created. Besides the standard CORE format, there is also the COR1 format which allows for shorter lead times. Please consult with your bank about whether you can use this format.

After you enable the extension by clicking on the "connect now" button, this payment method will be available to you in your forms.

Edit forms in which you would like to offer the SEPA direct debit entry by enabling the SEPA direct debit entry and disabling the old manual debit.

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