Adding your own fields to the form

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Adding your own fields to the form

Using the user-defined fields you can quickly and easily insert additional fields in the donation form. First, go to Settings > User-Defined Fields and create the desired fields. Please refer to our separate article.

In the advanced settings of your donation form under “Queries” you can now add the desired custom fields to the form. In the first text box, enter the field name as the donor should see it in the form, e.g. "Job Title" or “Profession”. Then select the corresponding field to which the data is to be written.

You also have the option to make certain fields mandatory with the "mandatory field" checkbox. If you want to add additional information to a donation that should not be visible in the form (e.g. tracking code), disable the checkbox "visible".

You can set the order of the fields with the green arrows or by dragging the items to the desired location with the handle to the left.

The donation fields will now appear in the donation form at the top with the donation information and the personal information fields. Mandatory fields are automatically marked with an asterisk. After a successful donation you can see the entered data in the respective person or donation fields.

Note: This option is not available in all FundraisingBox plans.

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