Automating prenotifications and transmission of SEPA mandates

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Automating prenotifications and transmission of SEPA mandates

For a SEPA direct debit donation to be collected, the SEPA mandate data must be transmitted to the donor and a prenotification (advance notice) must be sent stating when the debit order will take place.

For on-line donations through a FundraisingBox donation form you can automate this step. You can use the thank-you e-mail text for this. The sent e-mail is automatically logged. The step is therefore traceable. To make sure every donor receives a thank you e-mail, you should set the e-mail address as a required input.

Using the parameters and IF/ELSE statements, you can customize your text so that only donors with SEPA direct debit (Type ID 8) can see the relevant information.

The following is an example of a thank-you e-mail template:


Thank you for your Euro donation {{amount}} !

{% if type_id == 8 %}
You want a debit via SEPA direct debit entry from your account
IBAN: {{sepa_mandate_iban}} / BIC: {{sepa_mandate_bic}}

Our creditors ID is: {{sepa_creditor_id}}
Your mandate reference number is: {{sepa_mandate_reference_id}}
We will withdraw the amount on the {% if donation_date_day < 16 %}1st{% else %}15th{% endif %} of the following month,{% if is_recurring %} and from then on, on {{interval_de}} the same date{% endif %}.
If the debiting date falls on a weekend or holiday, the debit order will take place on the next working day.
{% endif %}

Thanks again for your support...

You can adjust the text accordingly and immediately place a download link for the mandate If you want to request a mandate-signature (e.g. for continuous donations) by the parameter {{sepa_mandate_link}} use. In this case a further automation comes into effect:
If the parameter {{sepa_mandate_link}} is found in the sent thank you e-mail, the mandate is immediately marked as "sent by e-mail".

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