Combining items and suggested amounts in the form

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Combining items and suggested amounts in the form

The combination of suggested amounts and use of items is generally not a problem and even recommended for certain cases. However, in this case you have to make sure that no amounts are listed for the items. 

Once you define amounts for items these are, for the sake of user friendliness, displayed first in the form and the use of suggested amounts is no longer possible, since these would in effect no longer be suggestions and thus the specifications in the form would not make sense to the donor.

If you want to combine items without amounts with suggested amounts, it is recommended to either not enter the descriptions in the suggested amounts or to enter the general description without being bound to a specific appeal.

A useful example:

However, there is a special case in which the combination of fixed contributions and suggested amounts is possible. 
In this case the following conditions have to be met:

  • Your items / appeals must have the same absolute value.
  • A recurring cycle is the only possible option, i.e. the selection must be limited to regular intervals such as monthly or yearly.
  • The most reasonable selection for the form type is either monthly or annual contributions.

Here is an example of the settings:

The view of the form:

Please note:
These are just examples. Let your imagination run free and create FundraisingBox forms according to your wishes!

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