Configuring and embedding forms

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Configuring and embedding forms

The configuration of your form takes a few steps. Depending on which form you want to create, please either go to:

Settings > Donation Form or

Settings > Facebook Donation Form

The setting up of the forms works practically identical as follows:

1. By default, the basic settings are shown. Here it is sufficient to enter the Internet address in which the form is to be embedded in the general settings. All other settings are prefilled with default values, so you can already quickly embed the donation form in your website (step 4).

2. In the second part of the settings, you determine which information is to be asked from the donor and what information he can give. You can also specify mandatory fields, which the donor is required to enter.

Further below are the settings for the color and width of the form. Enter a six-digit color code here or use the color picker for your desired color. By default, the form is 500 pixels wide. You can change the width as desired, the form automatically adjusts itself, however if a set value is entered the form will no longer be able to adjust with the browser size. We recommend widths from 320 to 600 pixels.

3. Optional: if you want to enable your donors to directly donate to a project, change the view to "Advanced Settings" at the top. Under "Donations Settings" you will now find the items that allow you to realize a project selection. Please refer to the separate article for project selection.

In the advanced settings view you will see that you can adjust your form more individually to various other options, such as mobile optimised presentation. This can always be changed later.

Please click now to the right on one of the "save all" buttons.

Note: On the Facebook donation form, click on the "Start Facebook Installation" tab and follow the next steps. The form will then install automatically.

For all other forms please continue with step 4.

4. Under "Preview", you can now view your form. If it does not fit, just go back to "Settings". If everything fits, then go to "Embedding Code ".

On your desired website, add this code snippet to the appropriate location in the CMS (Word Press, Joomla, TYPO3 and many more). As an example for the code snippet for your donation form in your web page, could be copied.

It is very important that the embedding address (the CMS page, in which the form will be integrated) is listed correctly under "Settings"! The correct page in the example mentioned above would be exactly

This code snippet loads automatically and SSL-encrypts the fundraising form in your website.

If you subsequently adjust something (e.g. Payment methods, color, project etc.), the changes are automatically visible. That means you do not have to copy the code a second time. One-time copy-paste is enough and your form is always up-to-date and securely encrypted.

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