Configuring and embedding fundraising campaign tools

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Configuring and embedding fundraising campaign tools

General Settings
Configure any fundraising campaign tool under Settings > Fundraising Campaign Tools.

Please note that Fundraising Campaign Tools are not included in every FundraisingBox. For more information, please see our pricing page.

Enter a name for the Fundraising Campaign Tool in the settings . The name may be up to 10 characters long and is used to internally identify fundraisers, e.g. “DE” for German campaigns.
If you would like to use the fundraiser on an international site, you may select the appropriate language in the language settings. Note that each language requires a Fundraising Campaign Tool.

For embedded addresses, please enter the URL into which the Fundraising Campaign Tool will be integrated, e.g. :

This is the only way to ensure that all features will work correctly.

Under Queries, you may specify which information will be requested from the campaign initiator, and which fields are mandatory. Under Items, you may set the optional projects for which the campaign initiator can collect donations. The donations of a campaign are automatically assigned to the selected project. You can create projects before that under Settings > Projects.

Community Management
Under Community Management you have the option to create automatic assignments , e.g. when a new fundraising campaign is created.

Under Communication, please set an e-mail sender address . This is required so that e-mails can be sent to the campaign initiator when certain events occur.

To enter an e-mail sender address , you need to enable an e-mail extension. You will be provided with a link to a specific mail server for this purpose. Alternatively, you may use one of two external mail services: Amazon SES or Postmark.

Please adapt standard e-mail templates to your requirements.


The design of a Fundraising Campaign Tool is fully customisable. To optimise the appearance of a Fundraising Campaign Tool on mobile devices , you can enable the Mobile Display option.

Donation Form
Once you save your Fundraising Campaign Tool settings, click on the Donation Form tab to adjust form settings within campaigns. This step resembles the configuration of other donation forms. Note that the donation form has separate design settings.


Under the Preview tab, you can now see a preview of the fundraising campaign list, create fundraisers, and view the donation form. If something is not okay, just go back to the settings. Once everything is correct, go to the Embed Code tab.

Embed Code

Insert this code snippet at the appropriate location on your website to automatically integrate fundraisers, with SSL-encryption, into your website. If you adjust something later (such as campaign settings, payment methods or design), changes will be automatically visible. This means you don't need to copy the code again. Copy and paste it once, and your fundraisers will always be up-to-date.

Apart from the default settings for implementing Fundraising Campaign Tools, there are several customisation options.

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