Connecting your own mail server with the FundraisingBox

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Connecting your own mail server with the FundraisingBox

SMTP means "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" and is responsible for sending e-mails. An SMTP or mail server is thus a system that ensures that e-mails are sent. Your FundraisingBox can access such an SMTP server to handle the sending of e-mails. For this it is necessary to enter the access data to the SMTP server in your FundraisingBox under "Settings > Extensions > E-mail > SMTP Server".

The configuration is similar to setting up an e-mail account with a service such as Thunderbird or Outlook. The following information is required to access the SMTP server:

  • Host
  • User name
  • Password
  • Port (usually 25, with SSL encryption 465, with TLS 587)
  • Encryption (none, SSL or TLS)

The contact person for the SMTP server access data is usually your IT officer or provider.

After clicking "link now"¬Ě all e-mails will be sent via the assigned mail server.

Under certain circumstances it may be advisable to create your own e-mail account for use in the FundraisingBox.

Please note that high mail volumes can occur. The SMTP server should be configured accordingly and designed for such peak load times.

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