Create, edit or delete e-mail templates

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Create, edit or delete e-mail templates

If you repeatedly have to send the same standardised e-mails, you can create a so-called e-mail template in yourFundraisingBox. You will be able to compose these templates using parameters, so that individual adjustments will no longer be necessary. For a thank-you e-mail a template also needs to be created first, which then can be selected in the donation form settings.

Note: For this function, you need to have an enabled e-mail extension. We recommend the use of your own mail server. Alternatively, there are also two "external" service providers: Amazon SES and Postmark.

Create a template
once you have enabled an e-mail extension, go to Settings > E-Mail > Templates. Now click on the button "Add new template" and fill out the form.

Enter a name for the template to be able to retrieve it quickly in the selection. Enter a category. If categories already exist, you can select one via auto-complete. If you want to create a new category, simply type in the desired name and the category will be created automatically.

You have the option to select a category in the left-hand category list in order to display the templates. You can also assign a template to a different category at any time by typing a new category name.

Template variables:
Next, you need to specify the type of template variables. With these you can customise the text. For example, select the donation variables for the thank-you e-mail. Find a list of available template variables in this Help Center article.

Now enter the desired subject and text. After saving, the template will appear in the list and if necessary the categories will be updated.

Edit, delete, or test a template.
To edit, delete, or test a template move your cursor over the desired template. You will find the corresponding symbols in the top right. If you wish to test the template, at least one sender address has to be created first. The test e-mail will be sent from the first sender address to your login e-mail address.

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