Creating a sponsorship or membership form

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Creating a sponsorship or membership form

In your FundraisingBox, go to Settings > Donation Form and change the view to "Advanced Settings". You can now choose your own form title in the "General Settings". For example: "My Sponsorship".

In the "Amount and Frequency Settings", found under the item "Donations Settings", you can select the type of form. For example: "Monthly contributions". Disable the field "one-time only" and, if necessary, any other intervals you do not wish to offer under "Payment Frequencies". If you only want to allow fixed amounts for your sponsorships or memberships, you can disallow any desired amount. Otherwise, they are automatically the minimal amounts.

The next setting you will find is the "Items" setting, with which you can create a selection of subscriptions or sponsorships for your donors.

The items consist of a description, an optional amount and an optional project assignment. The description is the text which donors will be shown in the form .
Important: the amounts entered are not visible in the donation form, which means you must write the amounts in the item description yourself. For Example: "Premium Member, at least 50 Euro". This gives you the most flexibility. Please note, however, that this text only serves as information for the donors and is not saved with the donation in your system.
Furthermore, it is possible to assign the same project to several items. For example, you could assign all memberships to a project titled "Membership" and then only differentiate by amounts.
You can also easily sort the items by dragging the handle at the beginning of the line to the desired location.

Item titles such as "Please Select" make the most sense, and if you have a overseeable number of items, a list of radio buttons can be attractive to donors. In a membership or sponsorship form it obviously also makes sense to mark the items as mandatory fields.
In the design settings you can choose your own text for the button. For example: "Become a sponsor now!".

Save the settings and then click on the tab "Preview" in order to see the form you created.

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