Creating form widgets or donation buttons

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Creating form widgets or donation buttons

This is an enormously powerful feature! You can distribute your donation form as often as you like with a project widget, a donation button or a link.

Try it out, it's easy.

Go to Settings > Donation Form and then under Button Generator.

Example 1: for example, to create a donation button; select a color and the text you would like to appear on the button. Adjust the font size if necessary Then click "Generate Code".

Now you are shown the various distribution options for the information given in the above setting as Donate button and Link,

Enter the code for the Donation Button at the appropriate location of your desired website. You can copy the link and, for example include it in your next newsletter.

The codes and links are not lost. You copy this once and can then set up any number of other distribution possibilities. Also just try the second example.

Example 2: Now also select an item that you want to advertise on your page. You can additionally set an amount and a corresponding frequency. Once you have selected a post, you can also add a description that you want to appear in the widget.

Important: The entry must first be assigned to the desired donation form. In your FundraisingBox, go to Settings > Donation form and change the view to advanced settings. Under the item "Donation Settings" you will now find the "entries" with which you can realize a project selection for your donors.

You will now be presented with different ways of spreading the above setting.

You will now also get a post widget because you have selected a post. You can for example integrate this directly on your project page. The widget displays the title, the description if existent and the donation button. If the item is associated with a project that has a fundraising goal, then there will be another widget with a green donation bar the shows the current progress.

Clicking on the Donation Button directs the supporters to your fund raising form, which is already prefilled. And also the amount and frequency, as defined above in the settings. The resulting Donation is automatically assigned to the project and the Donation Status is updated.

These were just two examples, but you can create many distribution options. Have lots of fun with it!

You can even customize the items widget itself completely with its own style sheet. Please refer to our separate article on Styling,

QR codes:
Additionally, a QR code is generated. Scanning the QR code automatically calls your generated URL address. Click on the right mouse button and you can save the graphic and use it for your own purposes.

If you want to create a completely individual widget, you can use the JSON code of the entry. JSON is a generally accepted standard on the Internet that can be easily processed by all programming languages. Using the displayed address, you can always get the latest information on this item in your programming. If the entry was assigned to a project, the JSON code also includes the project's donation goal, as well as the total amount and the number of donations to this project so far. Your own widget, such as "536 people have already donated a total amount of €12,589 to this project." is possible, for example.

Details of JSON:

  • item_id = ID of the item
  • item_name = The name of the item, which appears on the form
  • item_amount = The Amount of the item, if one has been set
  • FORM_URL = The Embedded Address of the form
  • project_donations_goal = The Fundraising Goal of the associated project
  • project_donations_amount = The current total amount of the associated Project
  • project_donations_count = The current number of Donations to the associated Project

NOTE: The JSON code is not available in any FundraisingBox variant.

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