Creating teasers for fundraising campaigns

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Creating teasers for fundraising campaigns

Using the teaser generator you can quickly and easily create an overview of existing fundraisers on any web page. For instance, you organise a charity run and have created your own campaign page. Now you can integrate on this website an overview of your favorite fundraising campaigns on the subject of"running". The overview serves as a "teaser" and supporters can easily donate online. Also there is the opportunity for interested fundraisers to start their own fundraising campaign for their organization with a few clicks.

Please note that Fundraising Campaign Tools are not available in all FundraisingBoxes. For more information, please see our pricing page.

Under Settings > Fundraising Campaign Tools > Teaser Generator you configure the fundraising campaign overview.

Under Customize code , you specify which fundraising campaigns should be displayed in the overview:

  • All fundraising campaigns
  • only fundraising campaigns that were previously marked as favorite
  • only fundraising campaigns whose target is already 30% or 50% reached
  • only certain fundraising campaigns

If you want to display only certain fundraising campaigns, you can look for appropriate fundraising campaign titles in the displayed field and select. If necessary, look at your FundraisingBox under Fundraising Campaigns for the titles. To do this just open a new browser tab or window.

Besides the number of displayed campaigns you can also adjust the order and select a category to limit the selection if necessary. Moreover, already completed campaigns can also be displayed in the overview. Campaigns with a personal image work best. Therefore, you can set this option for the campaign overview as well.

Note:If you want to display only certain fundraising campaigns, please note that not all selected campaigns might be visible because of the specified number or hiding of completed campaigns. If you for instance select 10 campaigns, however, the number of displayed actions is limited to 5, only 5 campaigns will be displayed.

To complete the configuration, select the link. After clicking on a fundraising campaign it is opened in the same or alternatively in a new window.

You can even adjust the teaser completely with your own style sheet .


As with the Donation Form, too, the code snippet must now be copied and pasted to the desired location in the CMS. If you change the settings for the teaser, such as the number of displayed campaigns, please copy the new code snippet into the CMS. Changes are not automatically transferred.

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