How do I create a donation form with project selection?

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How do I create a donation form with project selection?

First, create your Projects under Settings > Projects. 

In your FundraisingBox, go to Settings > Donation Form and change the view to "Advanced Settings". Under "Donations Settings" you can now find the "Items", with which you can make a project selection for your donors. 

The items consist of a description, an optional Amount and an optional project assignment. The description is the text that is displayed to the donors in the Form. So, for example, you can display on the form "I want to help children", but the donation will be assigned in your Fundraising Box to the project "Children". Another example: in an English form, you can enter "Children" in the description but in your administration, the project will from then on be set to "Children". Please note that this description only serves as information for the donor and is not stored with the donation. 
You can also easily sort the items by dragging a line in front of the handle to the desired location or by using the arrows. The first item is always pre-selected by default. 

If for certain projects, a specific amount must be donated, you can use the amount field in the respective items. If you allow a free amount in the donation form, these are considered minimum amounts. If the free amounts option is deactivated, the amounts in the items automatically become fixed amounts. 
Important: the entered amounts are not visible in the donation form, which means you must write the amounts in the item description by yourself, for example “Operation mind. 50 Euros". This gives you the most flexibility possible. 
Note: once you define amounts for the items, they are displayed first in the Form for the sake of ease of use. 
You can also assign multiple items to the same Project. For example, this way you could create a kind of "Donation Shop".

To set a standard item:

If you want to set a default Donation, not related to a specific project, then first enter an item without a project assignment and describe it as, for example, "where it is most needed". Texts such as "Please Select" or "all Projects" are suitable too.

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