Individualising the intended use on bank account statements

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Individualising the intended use on bank account statements

After you have made a donation, the transaction including its intended use appears on the bank statement of the donor.

The first part consists of the FundraisingBox Transaction ID in order to ensure a clear allocation of the donation.

It is also possible to store an individual text. Thus you can, for example: Enter the name of your organisation and a thank you message: "Thank you - your sample organisation". This allows the donor to recognise the payment on the account statement more quickly and easily and you will benefit from increased donor loyalty.

In the FundraisingBox go to Settings > Extensions > Payment for the desired method of payment. There, enter your text in the "Intended use" field and click on "Link now".

You can also enter dynamic values, such as specifying the project name for the intended use. To do this, simply enter the variable {{project_name}} in the field. Please note that due to varying length restrictions, the intended use may be shortened involuntarily and may appear incomplete on the bank statement.

Please note the following restrictions for the respective payment service providers:

  • Manual SEPA direct debit entry: max. 100 characters; Allowed characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 +-(). , :? / (no umlauts)
  • PayPal: max. 100 characters; allowed characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 + - (). , :? / (no umlauts)
  • EPS transfer: max. 20 characters; allowed characters: a-z A-Z 0-9. , + - (no umlaut)

The text will now appear on all future donations for the donor's intended use.

For the following Methods Of Payment, intended use cannot be added to the FundraisingBox:

  • Stripe Credit Card:¬†The intended use must be changed directly in the Stripe account
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