Maintaining fundraiser campaign e-mails

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Maintaining fundraiser campaign e-mails

At the beginning e-mail templates for fundraising events are created by the system. You may adjust these under Settings > E-mails > Fundraisers or possibly create additional templates.

Under Settings > Fundraising Campaign Tool > Community Management in the area of communication you can choose the e-mail templates according to your wishes. This gives you the opportunity to inform your fundraisers personalised and automatically about certain events via e-mail. A call of the action initiator can be started, 10 days before the end of the promotion, so that the fundraisers can once more mobilise every potential donor.

Please note that Fundraising Campaign Tools are not available in all FundraisingBoxes. For more information, please see our prices page.

Note:For this function, you need to have activated an e-mail extension.

If no e-mail should be sent, leave this field empty. Please note that a welcome message is always sent and accordingly an e-mail template must be selected for this purpose.

The welcome message should always contain the secret edit link of the fundraiser, so that the fundraiser can make changes themselves.

Insert a return address so that e-mails can be sent . If desired, the possibly existing signature of the sender address can be disabled if your template text already includes all the necessary details.

Here you can find more information about how to create and manage e-mail templates. With the help of parameters you can write your templates so that individual adjustments are no longer necessary. A variety of different template variables are at your disposal.

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