Managing fundraising campaigns

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Managing fundraising campaigns

Sort fundraisers
You can find a list of all launched campaigns of your organization in your FundraisingBox under fundraisers .

The latest campaign is shown at the top by default. Alternatively, click a column header to sort the fundraiser information by that column. An arrow will appear that indicates whether the information is sorted in ascending or descending order.

This enables you to display fundraisers that have received many donations at the top of the list, for example.

Search fundraisers
You can use the fundraiser search on the left side in order to filter by individual criteria. You can also select multiple features simultaneously, for example in order to display fundraisers of a specific category, with a specific launch date and a specific number of donations.

This search includes only the most essential boxes. For more complex searches or searches across objects, you have the Smart Search at your disposal. Find it using the corresponding link. You can also save the Smart Searches you made as Smart Tags, so you don't need to recreate them time and again.

Manage fundraisers
Hovering your mouse over the blue icon gives you more fundraiser information. Clicking the blue icon or the fundraiser title shows detailed fundraiser information. You will find things like the secret editing link here, which can be re-sent to the fundraiser if it has been lost.

The donations overview lets you mark your favorite fundraisers by clicking the yellow star. You need this setting for example in order to edit displayed campaigns on your website or in the teaser .

You are able to suspendfundraisers as well. To do this, click the lock icon. Until the fundraiser is released, it is not visible and clicking the fundraiser link leads to an error page.

You can also see the current status of a fundraiser in the corresponding icon next to the fundraiser title.

Please note that Fundraising Campaign Tools are not included in every FundraisingBox. For more information, please see our pricing page.

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