Manually populating fundraising campaigns

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Manually populating fundraising campaigns

You can fill donation campaigns in with manually created donations. This is especially interesting, for example, for bank transfer donations that you also wish to display online or to help push actions at the start.

Click under "Donations" on "Create new donation". Whether and which name you specify by "Person" depends on the booked FundraisingBox.

Please note that fundraising campaign tools are not included in every FundraisingBox. 

Without FundraisingBox CRM

Without the FundraisingBox CRM, under "Person" you can either specify the name of the campaign starter or no name.

With FundraisingBox CRM

If you use the optional FundraisingBox CRM, you can first set up the supporter as a person and then select them as the "Person" in case of a manual donation.

Then enter the "Amount" and select the desired action under "Fundraising Campaigns". Optionally, the public name and comment can be added.

After saving the donation, it will appear in the fundraising campaign.

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