Overview Yubico USB stick (Yubikey)

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Overview Yubico USB stick (Yubikey)

Overview of Yubico USB stick (YubiKey)

In order to use the Yubico extension, a YubiKey is required. This little USB key generates, with a simple tap, a one-time password (One-Time-Password/OTP), which you will be asked together with your login and password. This process is called "Two-Factor-Authentication", and it makes your FundraisingBox login even more secure. Even if a stranger should find out your login-password pair, they are nevertheless not able to log in without your YubiKey.

You can find more detailed information on the Yubico website.
The YubiKey USB keys can be bought, among others, in the Yubico store .

Please note that each employee requires her/his own YubiKey for login.

Configuring the keys is not necessary for the FundraisingBox. The OTP is programmed on the first slot by default. The second slot is empty, you can try using it, for instance, by supplying a strong password and use it as a regular login-password, in order to double the security.

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