Practical guide to online donations with SEPA direct debit

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Practical guide to online donations with SEPA direct debit

Important: For general questions about the SEPA process, please contact your bank. All information given below is only intended to facilitate understanding of the complex SEPA process and is exclusively without warranty of any kind as well as free from any legal advice.

SEPA Direct Debit donations can be made after you have enabled manual SEPA Direct Debit and activated it in the form. The donor enters his/ her bank details in the form which the organisation may use to collect the money.

SEPA Mandate

In order for a SEPA Direct Debit donation to be collected, the donor must be provided with a SEPA mandate (reference number, signature date, IBAN and BIC).

According to SEPA guidelines, a single or continuous-mandate is only valid with the signature of the debtor. Whether and how you implement this process internally is left up to you. If you dispense with the physical signature, automatically generated mandates are active immediately and the donation date is used as a signature date. Otherwise, the mandates are unconfirmed and the donation may only be withdrawn if the mandate is later manually set to active and a signature date is entered.


In addition, a prenotification (preliminary announcement) must be sent to the donor when the collection takes place. You can automate this step for online donations via a FundraisingBox form. You can use the text of the thank-you e-mail for this purpose. The sent e-mail is automatically recorded and this step is therefore also documented. In order for each donor to receive a thank you e-mail, you should set the e-mail address as a mandatory field.

Collection of donations

How frequently you collect the donations, for example every 7 days or once a month, is up to you. Select the desired donations in your FundraisingBox and create a SEPA XML file. Donations that have not been collected yet can be found quickly and easily by using the smart search. You can then import the SEPA XML file into the online banking program of your bank and thereby transmit the donations for collection. Subsequently, you should set the selected donations in your FundraisingBox to "Received-on-date" in order for the donations to be noted as "collected".

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