Pre-filling values in the form

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Pre-filling values in the form

In order to stipulate certain values on your form in advance, such as a particular project or a pre-filled donation amount, you simply have to add certain parameters to the URL of your form.

You can find a list of parameters in our Developer Zone.

Some examples: 
Suppose your donation form is embedded under

If you want to pre-fill the amount to 50, you can simply include the following link:

If the amount should not to be able to be changed anymore, then:

You can also provide multiple values, e.g. amount and items: Fb_item_id =4321

ID "4321" is, for example, the ID of the item you want to pre-fill. The IDs of the items can be found for example in the item-drop down of the button generator which can be found by clicking "Forms" and selecting the dropdown-arrow to the left of the desired form.
You can also pre-select items that are not visible, please refer to the article "How can I pre-select items that are not visible in the form?".

If you want to change the rhythm, so that for example "one-time" does not appear first but instead "monthly", then your link must be as follows:

You can add these parameters directly in the embedded JavaScript code to avoid the parameters in the address bar. Example:

<script type="text/javascript" src=" &hash=XXX"></script >

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