Providing your own (tracking) information

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Providing your own (tracking) information

In this article about tracking you can learn how to add additional information to a donation.

Please also refer to our separate article: How can I add more queries to the donation form?

You can not only provide tracking codes, but also things like synchronisation variables, further donation data, or shopping cart information to the donation form.


1) Under Settings > User-Defined Fields create a field with "donation" as the type. The contents of this field will not be displayed publicly in the URL. Therefore, you have total freedom in naming it. For more on this topic please refer to our separate article.

In this overview a unique ID will be created automatically. This ID is crucial for the eventual forwarding of parameters. In this example we will name it ''123''.

2) Go to Settings > Donation Form > User-Defined Donation Fields, setup the internal assignment and assign an internal description (this will not be displayed publicly). Afterwards, uncheck "Visible" and then click "Save All".

3) The Tracking field is now productive and you can forward values, which are invisible to the donor, to the donation form. Naturally, the values forwarded are exportable or can be processed further.

An example:
You set up a button on your home page which is meant to lead directly to the donation form page.
Now you want to track which donors have clicked this button immediately beforehand and so make use of the aforementioned exemplary field.

Instead of giving the button the link, e.g:, you will give it the tracking link:

''Thanks'' is, in this case, also only an example. You again have total freedom of what to enter here. Numbers are naturally also possible.
The value ''Thanks'' also appears in your FundraisingBox account, more specifically as an entry in the respective user-defined field.
Naturally, you can also use the Smart Search to select these field contents.

Very important:
You can, of course, use a single field or ID for multiple links or information. In that case the forwarded data is always stored in the particular user-defined field of the respective donation.

Please note that this option is not included in every FundraisingBox.

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