Requesting donor data in the donation form

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Requesting donor data in the donation form

Under Settings > Donation Form you can set up which data you wish to request from your donors. You also have the option of selecting mandatory fields or hiding certain fields when the form is accessed on a mobile device.

In order to keep the hurdle for the donor as low as possible and thus achieve a low drop-out rate during the donation process, we recommend that you to request as little data from your donors as possible. The aim here should be a maximum conversion rate (successful completion of a donation). Donor data is the basic foundation for any organisation and further information from the donor can of course be asked for after a successful donation.

The e-mail address should always be requested, since on the one hand the donor is most likely to give this information out freely, and on the other hand it enables an automatic thank-you e-mail. The phone number and the birthday general represent a barrier for many donors and a request for those should be omitted when possible.

The postal address should only be requested from the donor if a donation receipt is also needed. Which means that if you do not set a check mark for the address, the address fields will be displayed dynamically as long as the donor selects that they wish to receive a donation receipt.

If you use the manual (SEPA) direct debit as a method of payment, we recommend having the account information verified automatically (to do this, activate the FundraisingBox extension IBAN calculator). In combination with the FundraisingBox extension Address Lab you can greatly reduce unnecessary costs and administrative burdens that arrive for example from fake donations.

If you would like to send newsletters or letters to your donors, enable the setting for the information request. The message field can sometimes be charming, allowing donors to provide personal comments for your organisation.

These are of course simple suggestions. You can certainls create forms according to your internal requirements and wishes. With other form types, such as sponsor or membership forms, it is recommended to ask for several (mandatory) fields.

Settings for mobile devices

With the column "hide on mobile", you have the possibility of hiding certain fields when the form is accessed on mobile devices. The goal should be to reduce the number of fields on mobile devices to a minimum and to obtain further necessary data after the donation has been processed. 

So it is possible, for example, to request the address in the form on PC and laptops but not on mobile devices. This prevents less obstacles for those donating on a mobile device and can thus increase conversion rates. Please note that a required field is also a required field on mobile devices. If there is a check mark in the "Hide on mobile" setting, the respective field will no longer be a required field.

Please note that this feature is not included in every FundraisingBox. 


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