Sending a prenotification for SEPA direct debit donations

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Sending a prenotification for SEPA direct debit donations

There are several ways to handle the prenotification. For online donations, you can automate this process to save yourself work. Please refer our separate article on this topic.

Naturally, you can also send out the prenotification manually, for example after the SEPA migration, for manually created donations, or if you have missed a collection date.

Recommendations for the prenotification: Commit to a specific collection

date. We recommend collecting all donations made from the 1st to the 15th on the 1st, and the rest on the next 15th (of the following month). This gives you a time window that is large enough to not miss any deadlines.
Additionally, you do not need to designate a fixed date, such as '01.03.2017' as the collection date. However, you do need to precisely define the day. Which means you can write something like "On the 1st business day of the following month", but can not write "In the first week of the following month", as this does not define an exact day.

Via e-mail to your FundraisingBox:
In order to use the e-mail functions of the FundraisingBox, you need to have activated an e-mail extension.
Search for all desired donations or standing orders and select them. Now click on the list operation "Write an e-mail" and the Webmailer will open. Unlike e-mails to a single person, mass e-mails allow you to work with variables in the message box. If you select a suitable template on the right, the variables will also remain the same in the text. The variables will not be replaced until you send the e-mail to the respective persons. After the e-mails are sent you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Naturally, it is also possible to send a single e-mail : Hover over the desired donation or standing order with the mouse and click on the e-mail icon. The Webmailer will open once more and you can enter your message. You can also choose a template, although in this case the variables will be replaced immediately.

Other options:
Select the desired donations or standing orders and export them as a CSV file. In order for the SEPA data to appear in the exported CSV file, you must select Export version 3 under Settings > Export. This file contains all the necessary donations and SEPA data. You can now use this file for things like bulk e-mailing or e-mailing via a newsletter tool.

Export to PDF