Sending several e-mails (bulk mailing) simultaneously

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Sending several e-mails (bulk mailing) simultaneously

Note: In order to send bulk e-mails directly from your FundraisingBox, the e-mail extension Amazon SES or your own SMTP server needs to be enabled in the FundraisingBox. Only single e-mail delivery is possible via the Postmark extension.

You can quickly and easily e-mail to all lists (people, donations, standing orders, donation receipts, etc.) in your FundraisingBox. Look for the desired entries and select them. Now click on "Compose e-mail" and the FundraisingBox-webmailer will open.

The smart webmailer will automatically detect what kind of e-mail templates are available for the selected list and will hide the others. For example, you cannot select a template with donation variables for a list of people, since the context information for this purpose is missing.

When selecting a template, the variables remain within the text box. Of course, you can now also edit the message. The variables will only be replaced with the data entry during the actual sending to the respective person.

The sending itself may take some time and therefore takes place behind the scenes. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If necessary, you will also get a list of failed attempts, for example, if the e-mail address was missing or the e-mail address is blocked, so you can reprocess it.

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