Setting up automatic forwarding for PayPal

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Setting up automatic forwarding for PayPal

The donor finishes his payment with PayPal. However, by default he is not automatically returned to your donation page, but must click on a button in order to do so. If you want this forwarding to happen automatically, you have to set up the following in your PayPal account.

Log in to PayPal. At the top right in your profile, go to Settings > Seller/Dealer > Website Settings.

Activate here "Automatic Redirection" and enter any return URL. This is only necessary for the PayPal set up and will, however, be automatically overwritten by the FundraisingBox.

Further down the page, set "PayPal account not required" to "activated". As long as the donor has a PayPal account, the automatic redirection will happen as desired after the completion of the payment. If the donor does not have a PayPal account, they must click on a button after payment, which will redirect them back to the donations page.

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