Setting up fundraising campaigns for mobile devices

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Setting up fundraising campaigns for mobile devices

If you want to optimise the display of the mobile Fundraising Campaign Tool on your website, enter your organisation name under Settings > My Customer Account > Public Information.

We recommend uploading your organisation logo here as well. This appears at the top of the optimised representation. If no logo is uploaded, only the organisation name will be shown.

Under Settings > Fundraising Campaign Tool > Design you now have the option to optimise the mobile representation of fundraisers.

If you select this option, visitors using mobile devices (eg. smartphone) will be forwarded directly to the iframe when opening a fundraiser. The page in which the fundraisers are embedded will no longer be visible. If your organisation's website is not yet mobile optimised, this simplifies the creation of fundraisers, as well as the process of donating.

Please note that Fundraising Campaign Tools are not included in all FundraisingBoxes. For more information, please see our prices page.

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