Setting up regular donations via PayPal

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Setting up regular donations via PayPal

Please note that PayPal does not have a general feature to activate regular donations, so rejections may occur. These restrictions are directly applied by PayPal, which means that they cannot be influenced by the FundraisingBox.

If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can apply quickly and easily.

Apply for Reference Transactions

To set up recurring donations via PayPal, you must first request the activation of "Reference Transactions" on PayPal:

  1. Sign in to your PayPal account and contact PayPal via phone. The corresponding telephone number is provided under "Contact".
  2. PayPal will inform you about the requirements to use "Reference Transactions" and send you a self-assessment form upon confirmation.
  3. Fill in the document as accurately as possible and return it to PayPal. The more information you add, the fewer queries will PayPal have, making activation a quick process.
  4. PayPal will review the document, and activation will take place within about 2 weeks.

Request API signature

The next step consists of requesting an API signature:

  1. Log in under
  2. Under settings, select option 2 - "API Authorisation Request."
  3. If your PayPal account has not been verified yet, the verification process must be carried out by phone.
  4. Now select "Request API signature" and click "Agree and Send."
  5. You can now view and copy the API user name, API password, and signature data.
  6. In your FundraisingBox go to Settings > Extensions > Payment > PayPal; tick the box "Activate recurring donations with PayPal" and paste the PayPal API credentials you have previously copied.

Note: When saving, the system will verify whether the credentials are correct and if "Reference Transactions" have been enabled. Messages will be displayed when an error occurs, and it will not be possible to save while the box "Activate recurring donations with PayPal" is checked.

If you haven't done it yet, activate PayPal as a payment option in your forms. After filling in all the necessary data in your form, the donor must enter their credentials on the PayPal login page. The donor must then confirm the recurring direct debit (the so-called billing agreement) to conclude the corresponding donation.

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