Setting up suggested amounts in the form

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Setting up suggested amounts in the form

With a suggested amounts function, you can set your donors several amounts for a quick selection and optionally provide them a description. The description may indicate to your supporters how they can make a difference with their donation.

In the advanced settings of the desired donation form, you can specify the amounts under "amount adjustments". Enter an amount and optionally a description, such as "an aid package". Click on the green plus sign below the list to add other amounts. In order to delete an amount, simply click on the red minus sign next to it. The amounts appear in the same order you enter them into in the settings. To sort the amounts, you can drag the forward arrow to the desired location or use the green arrows on the right.

Note: If you do not want the donor to be able to enter his/her own amount, you can select "no" within the "magnitude and rhythm settings" and "allow free amount" The donor must then select an amount predefined by you.

On the donation form, the amounts and the free amount field will appear as a list selection:

Hint: Please note that the descriptions pertaining to the amounts are only given as useful information to the donor and are not saved with the donation in your FundraisingBox. There is no assignment to the intended uses (Project).

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