Setting up the thank-you e-mail

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Setting up the thank-you e-mail

Please note that this function is not included in every FundraisingBox. For this functionality you must have an e-mail extension enabled.

Following a successful donation, you can send your supporters a thank-you e-mail from the FundraisingBox. In order for you to do this, you must first activate an e-mail extension and add a sender address. Then you can set the desired thank-you template under Settings > E-Mail > Templates. Important: in the variable selection you need to choose "Donation". Please refer to our separate help article.

Now head to the settings of the donation form, for which a thank-you e-mail should be sent. In the advanced settings, under "Thank-You E-Mail", you can now select your template. Please note that only templates with the donation variable are available for selection. Now select a sender address. If desired, the existing signature of the sender address can be deactivated if your template text already includes all necessary data.

Note: if you have multiple forms, you will need to repeat this step for each form. You do not need to create a custom template for every form, instead the same one can be used for multiple forms.
Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you verify the thank-you e-mail by making a test donation.

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