Starting your own fundraising campaign

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Starting your own fundraising campaign

After the Donation Tool is configured and embedded fundraising campaigns for your organization can be started. To do this, you can either activate the "Start Campaign" button in the Donation Tool or use a seperate button on your website.

Please note that the Fundraising Campaign Tool is not included in every FundraisingBox. For more information, please see our pricing page.

Creating a new fundraising campagin

The fundraiser now creates his personal campaign. The following data is publicly visible:

  1. Campaign Title: Name of the fundraising campaign
  2. Public name: Will be displayed in the Fundraising Campaign. In this field entries such as the company name are also possible.
  3. Category: Select an appropriate category
  4. Collecting for: Optionally, a project arranged by the organisation can be selected.
  5. Fundraising Goal: For personal Campaigns the goal should not be set too high and it can be adjusted by the fundraiser later at any time
  6. Campaign Picture: The fundraiser should upload a personal picture. This dramatically increases the success of a fundraising campaign
  7. Campaign Description: The statement should be direct and personal and should be personally signed by the fundraiser
  8. Thank you Message: This message will be displayed in the browser after a successful donation and should also be personally signed by the fundraiser. As an organization, you also have the option of sending a Thank-You e-mail to the donor

Personal Information
This information is not public, but is used for communication between the fundraiser and the organization. After the campaign has been created, the fundraiser can now, in the next step, announce the fundraising campgain by sharing the campaign link, for example on social media.

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