Using a custom success page after a donation

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Using a custom success page after a donation

By default, after making a donation a donor will be forwarded to the address of the donation form and will see the success message that has been set-up in the settings instead of the form.

However, the FundraisingBox also offers the possibility of forwarding donors to a fully customised thank-you page that you have placed on your website. The setting for this can be found in the advanced settings of your donation form under Success Page > Custom Success Page.

FundraisingBox Spendenformular Einstellungen Eigene Erfolgsseite

Enter the URL address of your custom thank you page into the field, e.g.

So that you can directly contact and thank your donor personally for their donation, we have made it possible to attach a few parameters to the address. These include:

  • %amount%
  • %salutation%
  • %title%
  • %first_name%
  • %last_name%
  • %company_name%
  • %country%
  • %fb_transaction_id%
  • %fb_project_id%
  • %fb_project_name%
  • %fb_item_id%
  • %fb_item_name%
  • %fb_type_id%
  • %interval%
  • %email%
  • %wants_newsletter%
  • %prepay_pay_text%
  • %prepay_due_date%
  • %prepay_bank_name%
  • %prepay_iban%
  • %prepay_bic%
  • %token%
  • %donation_custom_field_ [ID]%
  • %person_custom_field_ [ID]%

You can even name the parameters yourself in which the values are to be written.


Transaction via REST-API for the thank-you page:


Important instructions:

  • For a corporate donation only %company_name% is set, while %salutation%, %first_name%, and % last_name% are not. 
  • Project IDs can be found in Settings > Projects.
  • IDs of the payment methods (fb_type_id) with which the donation was made: 
    3 = PayPal
    5 = Klarna
    8 = manual SEPA direct debit
    11 = EPS bank transfer
  • Item IDs (fb_item_id) can be found in Settings > Donation Form > Button Generator.
  • Possible interval values: 0,1,3,6,12.
  • %country% contains the country code of the person's main address, for example, "DE" for Germany.
  • IDs of your custom fields can be found in Settings > User-Defined Fields
  • %email%, %donation_custom_field_ [ID]%, and %person_custom_field_ [ID]% are not available in every FundraisingBox plan.
  • This setting is not available for the Facebook donation form and the peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.


Please note that this function is not available in every FundraisingBox plan.

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