We have had a change of staff - what needs to be done?

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We have had a change of staff - what needs to be done?

First, there is a distinction to be made between a change of user and a change of the account holder .

User change:

Any user can be created, activated, deactivated, or directly archived by the holder or by other users with appropriate user rights.

To do this, go to Settings > User Management and click the respective user's pencil icon. You will find a check mark next to "User is active and may sign in" below the login details. If you uncheck this box and click save at the bottom, this user will become inactive and won't be able to sign in anymore.
If a user won't ever need their log in again, for example after leaving your organization, we recommend archiving that user. The big advantage of this is that all information entered by this user will remain associated with the correct user. In addition, the activation will make an additional user available from your user quota.
Please refer to the article "How to archive a user" for instructions on archiving users..

Account holder change:

If you, as a present holder, don't want to be a holder any longer, for example because you are moving to a different department or organization, there are two ways to change holders correctly:

1. The current holder signs in and sends us the request to make a change via the contact form. The new holder is able to do this as well, provided they have the credentials of the old, previous holder. If the new holder has access only to the e-mail address of the old, previous holder, they can easily get a new password using the "Forgot your password" link.

2. If the new holder does not have access to the previous owner's login, we need an official letter from the executive board or the CEO declaring who should become the new holder.

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