What are smart-tags?

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What are smart-tags?

To avoid having to repeat more complex searches using the smart search, you have the option to save these as so-called "smart-tags". These tags appear in the sidebar of the relevant section and by clicking on them you can quickly retrieve the desired search result again. Use these smart-tags for example for dynamic queries, e.g. to see to who donated more than 100 euros in the last 30 days.

Important: the search result is not saved, but the search query is. That means that with one click on a smart-tag you always get the current search results matched to the search criteria. Example: You create a smart-tag for "all individuals who have donated more than 1,000 euros" and as a result a list of 150 people comes up. Now a few days pass and some donations will be added, so that two more people are now above 1000 euros. If you now call up the search result of the tag again, then it will display 152 people.

If you go into the search results and hover the mouse pointer over the smart-tag, the stored search criteria behind the smart-tag is displayed. By clicking on the edit link, you can also customise the smart-tag quickly. If you would like to add additional criteria to an existing search and save it as a new smart tag, use the "search and add new smart-tag" button.

Under Settings > Smart-Tags, you can find an overview of the smart tags you have currently configured and you can also edit or delete them here.

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