What are the advantages of the e-mail ticket system?

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What are the advantages of the e-mail ticket system?

Offering our customers fast and competent support is our highest priority.

To help us achieve this we utilize an e-mail ticket system with fast reaction times.

If you have any technical questions or problems, please be sure to always use our ticket-system. This provides you with the following advantages:

  • Tickets can be sent round-the-clock
  • Clear communication between parties through unique ticket-IDs
  • Requests are processed and solved faster via the structures of the ticket system than those through other communication channels
  • The transparency provided during the processing of customer requests significantly improves the quality of the work
  • By analyzing case histories on a regular basis we are able to improve our support measures, e.g. new Help Center posts
  • This leads to support optimization and cost reduction on both sides

The FundraisingBox support is comprised of first and second-level. The first-level takes in all incoming support questions and is thus the first point of contact for the customer. In first-level the goal is to recognize the problem and implement the steps needed to solve it as quickly as possible.

Second-level support aids the first-level in investigating more complex inquiries which may require, for example, interfering with the programming logic.

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