Why is a payment method not being displayed in the form?

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Why is a payment method not being displayed in the form?

After activating a new payment method under Settings > Extensions > Payment, please note the following points in the case that the new payment method is not displayed in the form.


The new payment method must be activated in your form. Go to Settings > Donation Form and set a check mark for the desired payment method under Donation Settings > Payment Methods.

Regular donations

Only payment methods will be displayed that support the selected payment frequency in the donation form. This means when a donor would like to make a regular donation and selects something other than "one-time" in frequency, then for example Sofortüberweisung will no longer be displayed, since no recurring payments can be processed with this payment method.

Currently recurring payments can only be processed with Wikando Direct Debit, PayPal (requires activation from PayPal), manual SEPA-Direct Debit, and Stripe.

When your donor changes again to the "one-time" frequency option, all possible payment methods will be displayed.

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