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  • Learn here how you can switch to a different e-mail extension. Attention: Multiple e-mail extensions cannot be used at the same time. If you activate the edit mode under Settings > Extensions > E-Mail by the respective existing extension, manua... Read More
  • Note: In order to send bulk e-mails directly from your FundraisingBox, the e-mail extension Amazon SES or your own SMTP server needs to be enabled in the FundraisingBox. Only single e-mail delivery is possible via the Postmark extension. You can quic... Read More
  • If you repeatedly have to send the same standardised e-mails, you can create a so-called e-mail template in yourFundraisingBox. You will be able to compose these templates using parameters, so that individual adjustments will no longer be necessary. ... Read More
  • Note: For this function you need an active e-mail extension. We recommend the use of your own mail server. Alternatively, there are also two "external"¬Ě service providers: Amazon SES and Postmark. Under Settings > E-Mail > Sender Addresses &... Read More
  • Synchronize important e-mails individually from your mailbox into the FundraisingBox without having to copy the text manually. As an option, you can even have a task created directly in the FundraisingBox. Below we have shown how this can be accompli... Read More