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  • You can add or remove different methods of payment to any individual form at anytime. Simply go to Settings > Donation Form > Methods of Payment and select the desired payment methods for each individual form. With the finishing click on one of... Read More
  • In your FundraisingBox, go to Settings > Donation Form and change the view to "Advanced Settings". You can now choose your own form title in the "General Settings". For example: "My Sponsorship". In the "Amount and Frequency Settings", found under... Read More
  • Please note that this function is not included in every FundraisingBox. For this functionality you must have an e-mail extension enabled. Following a successful donation, you can send your supporters a thank-you e-mail from the FundraisingBox. In ord... Read More
  • You can customise the look of your forms with the help of your own CSS instructions to fit your web page. The individual styling allows you the greatest possible design flexibility. ProcedureYou can style the corresponding form on the basis of our cu... Read More
  • The configuration of your form takes a few steps. Depending on which form you want to create, please either go to: Settings > Donation Form or Settings > Facebook Donation Form The setting up of the forms works practically identical as follows:... Read More
  • In this article about tracking you can learn how to add additional information to a donation. Please also refer to our separate article: How can I add more queries to the donation form? You can not only provide tracking codes, but also things like s... Read More
  • With a suggested amounts function, you can set your donors several amounts for a quick selection and optionally provide them a description. The description may indicate to your supporters how they can make a difference with their donation. In the adv... Read More
  • Yes, the donation form can be easily operated on smartphones and tablets. The prerequisite is that JavaScript is enabled and the browser used can support iframes. Both are usually enabled by default. The Donation Form automatically adjusts to the giv... Read More
  • This is an enormously powerful feature! You can distribute your donation form as often as you like with a project widget, a donation button or a link. Try it out, it's easy. Go to Settings > Donation Form and then under Button Generator. Exa... Read More
  • With the help of JavaScript and HTML, you have nearly complete access to the Donation Form and can customise it according to your wishes. With Javascript and HTML, almost limitless possibilities of individualisation are available to you. Please note ... Read More
  • Unfortunately it is not technically possible to use the FundraisingBox forms or fundraising pages within frame pages or iframes. There are several reasons, for example: automatic resizing does not work the pre-filling of fields is not possible after... Read More
  • In order to stipulate certain values on your form in advance, such as a particular project or a pre-filled donation amount, you simply have to add certain parameters to the URL of your form.You can find a list of parameters in our Developer Zone.Some... Read More
  • You can establish a minimum and/or maximum donation amount depending on the payment method. Go to Settings > Extensions > Payment to the desired payment method and edit it. There you can set the desired minimum and maximum amounts.If the donor ... Read More
  • By supplementing the embedded code for the donation form on your website, you can preselect the donor's country in the donation form.For example, in order to display "United Kingdom" in the form by default, the string "country=GB&" must be p... Read More
  • To ensure that your supporters can regularly donate through Donation Form donations, you can activate the desired cycle in the settings of the desired donation form. Under the tab Donations Settings > Amount and Rhythm Settings you can set and sor... Read More
  • If you wish, for example, to have a Christmas campaign just be processed through a specific link and not directly show "Christmas Special" on your general form, you can make this possible through the selection of a hidden form-item.If your Fundraisin... Read More
  • For technical reasons it is not possible to integrate a form on multiple webpages. Each form must be clearly assigned to one site. This is necessary so that, for example, supporters can be returned to the right page after a donation through an extern... Read More
  • Under Settings > Donation Form you can set up which data you wish to request from your donors. You also have the option of selecting mandatory fields or hiding certain fields when the form is accessed on a mobile device.In order to keep the hurdle... Read More
  • You have almost infinite options when configuring your forms. Here you can see the 10 most popular versions. 1. Classic donation form: This form has an empty amount field and both one-off and regular donation intervals. This version is already preset... Read More
  • The combination of suggested amounts and use of items is generally not a problem and even recommended for certain cases. However, in this case you have to make sure that no amounts are listed for the items.  Once you define amounts for items these ar... Read More
  • By default, after making a donation a donor will be forwarded to the address of the donation form and will see the success message that has been set-up in the settings instead of the form.However, the FundraisingBox also offers the possibility of for... Read More
  • Using the user-defined fields you can quickly and easily insert additional fields in the donation form. First, go to Settings > User-Defined Fields and create the desired fields. Please refer to our separate article.In the advanced settings of you... Read More
  • For safety reasons, the integration of free HTML and Javascript code is not allowed by default in the automatic success message. However, if the service you use offers this, you can insert tracking, for example, by image. Just click on the image icon... Read More