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  • Offering our customers fast and competent support is our highest priority. To help us achieve this we utilize an e-mail ticket system with fast reaction times. If you have any technical questions or problems, please be sure to always use our ticket-s... Read More
  •  This can have a few different causes. Please note the possible error messages: Error message: the given embedding address does not match the address provided. Please correct these settings in your FundraisingBox.Possible causes: Embedding addressPl... Read More
  • If you would like to directly send e-mails from your FundraisingBox, then you must first activate the e-mail extension and add a sender address. Once you have done this, the webmailer is now activated and ready to be used.  The webmailer opens automa... Read More
  • After activating a new payment method under Settings > Extensions > Payment, please note the following points in the case that the new payment method is not displayed in the form. Settings The new payment method must be activated in your form. ... Read More
  • To avoid having to repeat more complex searches using the smart search, you have the option to save these as so-called "smart-tags". These tags appear in the sidebar of the relevant section and by clicking on them you can quickly retrieve the desired... Read More
  • A donation can only be collected through the SEPA direct debit procedure if an appropriate and active SEPA mandate is available. The data from the mandate (reference number, signature date, IBAN and BIC) is required. The list operation "export" is al... Read More
  • Standardised texts that you would like to send as e-mails or letters can be created with templates in the FundraisingBox. With the help of variables automatic individualisation of the texts can be realised. In this way you can, for example, personall... Read More
  • First, create your Projects under Settings > Projects. In your FundraisingBox, go to Settings > Donation Form and change the view to "Advanced Settings". Under "Donations Settings" you can now find the "Items", with which you can make a project... Read More
  • As a professional tool for fundraisers, the account of the FundraisingBox can always be managed by the account holder themselves. Should the organisation's address or invoice recipient change in the future, simply update these accordingly under ... Read More
  • First, there is a distinction to be made between a change of user and a change of the account holder . User change: Any user can be created, activated, deactivated, or directly archived by the holder or by other users with appropriate user rights... Read More