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  • If you want to import donation data, you must select “People and Donations” as type of import and upload the file. However, a person is not mandatory for a donation, hence anonymous donations can also be imported. Note: only one donation can be impor... Read More
  • As with the duplicate detection, a clear identification of the person is required, for example the same name and the same e-mail address. But the safest and easiest way is to use the “User ID”. Example: let's assume that a “Max Mustermann” with ... Read More
  • Some FundraisingBox fields, such as first and last name and address may be used repeatedly during the allocation of columns. For this, the order of the columns should be observed, as they will be imported one by one. Example:  There is a column for a... Read More
  • Importing individual data is no straightforward assignment, you usually need to complete the steps below: Export data from the existing system as a CSV or Excel file Adjust data for import with as few errors as possible Upload file and select type o... Read More
  • This is not possible on one line because the system can not establish which data refers to the company and which to the employees. So the data must be split into two rows.Example:When this line is imported, then both addresses of the person Max Muste... Read More
  • When importing bank details, the columns are usually presented as “Value date”, “Amount”, “Purpose”, “Account holder”, “Account number” and “Bank routing number”. The most common problem here is that the account holder's name is not specified as... Read More
  • After the import has finished, you will receive a notification by e-mail. If necessary, this email will list detailed problems with individual rows which could not be imported."Invalid value for [...]"Some fields allow only certain values. Check the ... Read More
  • Naturally, there is no one way that works across the board. There will be clearly labeled columns such as first name, phone, address, etc., which can easily be assigned a Field in the FundraisingBox. However, there are also customized Fields that do ... Read More
  • To ensure the import process is as smooth as possible, the following guidelines should be followed: CSV import: the data must be separated with a comma or semicolon. The system automatically recognizes which separator is used. Excel import: Only the... Read More