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Manual SEPA Direct Debit

  • Important: For general questions about the SEPA process, please contact your bank. All information given below is only intended to facilitate understanding of the complex SEPA process and is exclusively without warranty of any kind as well as free fr... Read More
  • After you have made a donation, the transaction including its intended use appears on the bank statement of the donor. The first part consists of the FundraisingBox Transaction ID in order to ensure a clear allocation of the donation. It is also poss... Read More
  • There are several ways to handle the prenotification. For online donations, you can automate this process to save yourself work. Please refer our separate article on this topic. Naturally, you can also send out the prenotification manually, for examp... Read More
  • For a SEPA direct debit donation to be collected, the SEPA mandate data must be transmitted to the donor and a prenotification (advance notice) must be sent stating when the debit order will take place. For on-line donations through a FundraisingBo... Read More
  • If you want to manually create a donation or a standing order with the SEPA direct debit entry, you must create an appropriate mandate for the previous person. Please note our separate article on this.Create donation: Under the relevant person click ... Read More
  • In order to use manual SEPA direct debit entry, you must first activate SEPA mandate management in your FundraisingBox. For this purpose, please fill in the "SEPA Settings" found in Settings > My Customer Account. Here, you can directly apply for ... Read More