Exchanging E-Mail extensions (Postmark, Amazon SES, private SMTP-Server)

Learn here how you can switch to a different e-mail extension.


Multiple e-mail extensions cannot be used at the same time.

If you activate the edit mode under Settings > Extensions > E-Mail by the respective existing extension, manually delete all input fields and finally save or click the "Connect now" button, then your current service is deactivated and you can change to another e-mail extension.

It is not possible for the previous service to continue working productively or send e-mails in the change-over period.
Due to the sending of the thank you e-mails, it is best to switch during a period when few online donations are expected.

Online URL: https://support.fundraisingbox.com/article/exchanging-e-mail-extensions-postmark-amazon-ses-private-smtp-server-379.html