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After donations have been successfully made through your FundraisingBox forms, an individual and personalized thank-you email is essential. A personal "thank you" is important after the completion of a donation process and should occur immediately after the donation is received. In this article, we show you how to set up an automatic thank-you email for your FundraisingBox donation forms.

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  1. To send thank-you emails from your FundraisingBox, an Email Extension must be activated and configured.
  2. In addition, a Sender Address is needed.
  3. Then click on Configuration ZINRGBhBMmdY8-rIT4UDMZIM14auWZd6Zg on the left in your FundraisingBox and select the Email subsection.
  4. Under Templates, create a new Template . Further down in this article, you will find an example for this.

    Note: For the variable selection of the template, you must choose Transaction!

  5.  Save ZTRdp2mnmQbSmFHEnHq3I1UyhxoVVgw8iA the template.
  6. Click on Forms nW1ioTo5OpxT7QUsFmFHTh8EgRPfPPA58A on the left in your FundraisingBox.
  7. Select the desired form or create a new form.
  8. Click on Thank-You Email in the right navigation box.
  9. Now select the previously created template and the Sender Address.
  10. Save s1XABkrOP5vS3G48TLtG-6zAWh5XIKq55Q the template.

Tip: For multiple forms, you can store a separate template and use a different Sender Address for each form, if desired.


{% if company_name != "" %} Dear Sir or Madam, {% elseif salutation_de == "Frau" %} Dear {{first_name}} {{last_name}}, {% elseif salutation_de == "Herr" %} Dear {{first_name}} {{last_name}}, {% elseif salutation_de == "Ehepaar" %} Dear Family {{last_name}}, {% endif %} thank you very much for your {{interval_de}} online donation of {{amount_de}} €. Together we are strong. Kind regards, Max Mustermann  1st Chairman


Dear Max Mustermann, thank you very much for your one-time online donation of 50,00 €. Together we are strong. Kind regards, Max Mustermann  1st Chairman

Tip: An overview of the template variables and If/Else examples can be found in the following solution portal article: Template Variables Overview and Usage of If/Else Statements

We then recommend testing the configuration of email template and Sender Address for the automatic thank-you email.

Testing the Automatic Thank-You Email

Make a test donation or a real donation to test the function and the used template variables. It is important that you provide a real email address in your FundraisingBox donation form, so that you can receive the thank-you email.

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