Configure project selection for your forms

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Does your organization have various projects that supporters should select in the form? Then you are in the right place.

Good to know

  • Create as many projects as you like in the form.
  • Projects can be preselected via parameter.
  • Further information on other transaction settings such as suggested amounts can be found here.

Create a form

  1. Create a form as described here and add the settings.

Project selection

Note: To be able to select projects in the form, first create them under Configuration > Projects.

  1. Under Transaction settings enter a description for the items.
    This will be displayed in the form. It serves as information and the value is not stored in the administration with the transaction.
    Example: The form displays "I want to help children" and the transaction is assigned to the "Children" project.
  2. In Project assignment please select the previously created project. This will be stored in the administration with the transaction to realize the project assignment.
  3. Optional amount is not displayed in the form. An error message appears when submitting the form if the amount is smaller. If necessary, write the amount in the description, e.g., "Operation at least 50 Euros".
    If you allow a free amount in the form, these are minimum amounts. With disabled free amount, the amounts for the items are automatically fixed amounts (ideal for memberships).
    As soon as you define amounts for the items, for reasons of user-friendliness, these are displayed first in the form.
  4. After making the further settings as described here, click on the Save button .
Tip: A project can also be assigned to several items, e.g., the items "Children's playground materials" and "Children's playground craftsmen" to the project "Children's playground".

Done. Your donors can now make targeted and purpose-bound donations.

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